Mahan Systems, one of the leading companies in different areas of various branches of computer and informatics, provides services in ID/Smart Card based projects as well as the newest technologies in Access Control projects for more than 20 years. Mahan Systems has been developing an excellent reputation in this field and executed and delivered thousands of successful projects in this industry.

Mahan Systems services are now available at any location globally in the ID/Smart Card based project area as mentioned below:

  • ID Card Printers

To Personalize ID/Smart Cards, Membership Cards, Banking Cards with PVC, PVH, PET, ABC, PC Materials

  • Desktop Laser Engravers

For all kinds of ID/Smart Cards with long-life and high security.

Designing & Developing in-house Software

And applications for all types of ID/Smart Cards.

  • Consumable materials of Card printers

Such as PVC, PET, PVH, PC Card, All types of Ribbons, hologram, etc.

  • All types of Cards and tags

Consistent with all types of Technologies.

  • Maintenance and all After Sales Services

For all types of ID/Smart Cards Printers. Our approach in business is focusing on customer service. Our experts will be available after your purchase and all of the products will have a reasonable time of warranty.

Meanwhile, if you had previously purchased products from other companies and you have a problem with them, we can help. Consultation is our first step to cooperate with each other and deliver an impeccable service.

  • Design, Consultancy, and Execution

Of all ID/Smart Cards Based Projects and Access Control Projects. We execute the entire project from beginning to end, at local to international level.

  • Demonstration of different kinds of Passport Printers and Passport Laminators.


Also, Mahan Systems specializes in providing custom software development and Programming. we work with you to formulate the best approach. Whether you have a new programming challenge or just need to update something that already works for most of your business, we can help.

In today’s world, we are all moving constantly at a very fast pace. Time neither stay still for us nor technology. Science and technology’s progress amazes us every day and there is no limit on how far it can go. Our team is focusing on Image processing which is an extremely wide range in artificial intelligence but we provide developers, trainers, testers, and project management depending on your specific needs.

Customer Satisfaction 95%
Customer Service 98%
Competitive Prices 100%
Technology 100%

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